Confirmation 2021

Do you lack inspiration to personalize your confit look?   

On 22 February, Sistie held confirmation LIVE with the girls from the DR series The class . 

 Freja Nielsen, Anna Olympia & Oliva Vinding 

Through LIVE events we can get the best out of the situation together , where you can sit at home and participate in a Sistie event . Completely Corona safe , but still just as fun and cool !  
Live, the girls created beautiful confirmation looks with Sistie jewelery and the cutest dresses. There was everything from a look with a fine lace dress with silver jewelery to a more colorful look with a mix of silver and gold to a trendy puffy confirmation dress.
Anna has chosen a nice colorful gold Sistie look for a nice classic confirmation dress with small details.

Behind the scenes with Olivia, Anna & Freja.  

The girls came into the office and quickly set about finding their favorite Si stie jewelery that they wanted to match with the fine confirmation dresses - so you could see how they would match the different styles with the jewellery!  

We shot a lot of nice pictures of the girls in the nice dresses and their Sistie favorites before the live event started . The girls started to present their fine confirmation outfits with the Sistie jewelry , at the same time that they answered all the good ones ask questions , You had for them . The whole thing was successful, and the girls were experts, both in front of the camera, but also in answering questions about the Sistie universe .  

Balance ring. Melissa Bentsen call. Dream earrings. Halo small earrings. Emma necklace . Molly necklace.

Freja wore her own confirmation dress, with transparent lace sleeves, which she had styled with beautiful classic Sistie silver jewellery. Just to get a classic neat look.

Mia x Sistie earrings silver. Mia x Sistie earrings gold. Becca necklace. Mia x Sistie bracelet.

Olivia has created a look with both silver and gold, using Mia x Sistie earrings and bracelets. She has mixed gold and silver for a nice puffy confirmation dress with long sleeves and pearl headband.

Do you want to see the whole event?  

Then check out the video from the live here


A thousand thanks to all three brands for helping to create a super good online event.

The girls wore the finest dresses from Brudedesign , Panayotis & White and more .

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